GOOD EATS! Nutritional notes from East & West

“He that takes medicine and neglects diet, wastes the skills of the physician.” – Chinese Proverb

Eat Locally

Eat Seasonally

Eat according to your constitution – see your friendly neighborhood acupuncturist to find out more about what specific foods to include or limit to fit your specific and individual needs.Image

Eat slowly & mindfully.  Chew well, & eat at regular times each day – Regularity and predictability benefits the Spleen and Stomach Qi, the primary Organs of digestion.  When at all possible, avoid eating under extreme stress or mental preoccupation: excess worry and thought is harmful to our Spleen Qi, and will impair optimal digestion and assimilation of nutrients.

Stoke the Digestive Fire – Something has to Cook and Warm your food and drink – either the stove in your kitchen or the “stove” in your belly.  Continually warming or cooking your diet with your Spleen/ Stomach’s Digestive Fire will ultimately weaken it, leading to a world of trouble.  Prioritize warm and cooked foods over cold and raw foods – Include warm broths, soups and stews on a regular basis – the Organs of digestion, the Spleen and Stomach LOVE stews and soups. Include “Bone Broths” routinely to build Blood and Qi.  Google “Congee” if you have an especially weakened digestive system.

Eat Breakfast – The Stomach and Spleen’s time of strongest energy is between 7am and 11am. Take advantage of this digestive prowess in the morning.  Likewise the digestive energy is weakest 12 hours later, so avoid large or difficult to digest meals late at night – this practice over time may lead to “Food Stagnation.”


Excessive fluids with meals – Don’t drink too much, as this will dilute stomach acids and enzymes necessary to properly digest- in traditional speak will put out the Digestive Fire.

Meat and animal products- while traditional theory feels some animal protein is important to maintain strong Blood and Qi, you need far less than you’d imagine to maintain Perfect Health, perhaps the equivalent of 2 (4 ounce) servings per week – Go (Mostly) Veg!

Chemical additives and preservatives – You should be able to pronounce the ingredients of what you eat and drink.

Overly processed and refined foods, especially carbohydrates and sugar/ sweeteners.  Investigate the amazing science of Metabolic Effect®™ to learn much more about this important aspect of What We Should Eat.

Hormone and antibiotic contaminated dairy products: a recent Harvard study definitively links Estrone sulfate in non-organic dairy to testicular and breast cancer.

Overconsumption and Frequent meals generally: your digestive system needs a break!

Fast foods & deep fried foods – Empty Calories, Carbohydrate Rich, Insulin Pumping Trash.

Alcohol, caffeine, & stimulant beverages.

 “Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly Plants.”   – Michael Pollan

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