For 15 years we have been prescribing pre-prepared classical and modern formulas from our on site clinic pharmacy.  When the need arose, we have been using various Chinese herbal distributors to fill individualized custom prescriptions.  This has certainly worked well, but…

As our experience and knowledge has deepened, we have felt more and more the need for an in-house single herb pharmacy to produce completely individualized formulas for the unique patients you are, in as timely a fashion as possible.

The time has come!

We are in the process of researching and shopping for a complete on-site granular Chinese herbal pharmacy, and will be able to make individualized, custom Chinese herbal formulas in house.

Single herb granules will be precisely measured and mixed together in 100 gram bottles – Completely individualized for your unique clinical needs!

Dosages will certainly vary based on age, weight, and clinical presentation and need, but will typically range from 6 to 16 grams/ day in 2 or 3 divided doses.

Cost will vary on our end from herb to herb, but we will average our for the easiest math, and currently predict 100 gram formula costs to be between $25.00 to $45.00 depending on costs of the individual herbs used in any given formula.

We will initially stock between 50 and 75 individual granulated herbs, which will be more than ample to prepare exact – or nearly so -modifications of all classical and modern formulas.  We plan to “fill in the blanks” of other desired single herb granules as we go along/ as needed , and over the next year or so will max out at around 150 single herbs.

We will most probably be stocking Evergreen®™ and/or KPC®™ brands, both of which are extremely clean, pure, and free from microbial, pesticide, heavy metal, and pharmaceutical contaminants – Click links below to find out more about these companies rigorous testing and quality control.

We are VERY excited to soon be able to harness the full strength of completely customizable pharmacy solutions to provide our community with even better quality healthcare from the wisdom of traditional Chinese herbal medicine!

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