Acupuncture Research: Knee Pain & Knee Osteoarthritis

Acupuncture and other physical treatments for the relief of pain due to osteoarthritis of the knee: network meta-analysis. Corbett MS, Rice SJ, Madurasinghe V, Slack R, Fayter DA, Harden M, Sutton AJ, Macpherson H, Woolacott NF; University of York, UK. Electronic address: Abstract Objective:  To compare the effectiveness of acupuncture with other relevant physical treatments […]

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The Promise and Problem of Placebo

Placebo is Latin for “I Shall Please” and involves a phenomenon of particular interest to much of Chinese medical research, especially Acupuncture – whose complex clinical physical and emotional interactions largely escape the neat and tidy gold standard for (pharmaceutical) evidencing: the double-blind-randomized-controlled study, and as such deserves special attention.  Many long ago cast and […]

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Effect of Acute Acupuncture Treatment 
on Exercise Performance and Postexercise Recovery: A Systematic Review

Abstract Background: Preliminary evidence suggests that acupuncture applied proximally during a single bout of exercise can enhance exercise performance and/or expedite post-exercise recovery. The purpose of this investigation was to review trials, systematically and critically, that have investigated such hypotheses and delineate areas for future research. Methods:  A systematic review using computerized databases was performed. […]

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on Exercise Performance and Postexercise Recovery: A Systematic Review"

New Brazilian Study Shows Promise of Acupuncture for Multiple Sclerosis

Impact of electroacupuncture on quality of life for patients with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis under treatment with immunomodulators:  A randomized study. Juan G Quispe-Cabanillas, Alfredo Damasceno, Felipe Glehn, Carlos O Brandão, Benito P Damasceno, Wanderley D Silveira and Leonilda M Santos. METHODS 31 adult patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) were randomly and blindly (to patients […]

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Piedmont Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

WELCOME  你好! Evidence Postings – Abstracts and full texts of clinical trial research into the traditional therapies of Chinese medicine: Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese dietary therapy, Moxibustion, Tui Na, Gua Sha, Cupping, Tai Ji Quan (“Tai Chi”) and Qi Gong. Research Commentary – Explorations, critiques, and commentary on clinical trial methodologies of Chinese medical […]

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